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  Watson & Band, as one of China’s oldest intellectual property service providers with the qualifi cations as a foreignrelated patent agency, maintains a leading position in the intellectual property industry due to its extensive experience.Watson & Band’s IP-related services cover agency and consulting services concerning trademarks, patents, copyrights and other new types of IP rights, enforcement and litigation services, and commercial IP-related legal services.
  •    ❖ Patent application (invention patents, utility models and design patents)
  •    ❖ Patent reexamination and invalidation proceedings support
  •    ❖ Patent searches (FTO searches)
  •    ❖ Patent analysis (stability/patentability, infringement comparison and design around)
  •    ❖ Patent assessments (high-tech enterprise identification, patent navigation, innovation vouchers and standards implementation)
  •    ❖ Trademark application
  •    ❖ Trademark opposition and review support (objection, invalidation and cancellation)
  •    ❖ Trademark searches
  •    ❖ Trademark analysis (infringement comparison and design around)
  •    ❖ Corporate trademark strategy formulation
  •    ❖ Integrated circuit, copyright and domain name registration
  •    ❖ Customs recordation procedures for IP rights protection
  •    ❖ Patent strategy and patent mining
  •    ❖ Patent navigation and portfolio
  •    ❖ Applications for government projects (standards implementation, high-tech enterprises, innovation vouchers and other support services)
  •    ❖ IP Litigation
    •      ▪ Patent litigation
    •      ▪ Copyright litigation
    •      ▪ Trademark litigation
    •      ▪ Trade secrets litigation
    •      ▪ Unfair competition litigation
    •      ▪ Civil, administrative and criminal litigation and arbitration involving other IP rights
  •    ❖ IP Infringement Investigations and Anti-Counterfeiting
    •      ▪ IP infringement investigations
    •      ▪ Administrative complaints concerning trademark, copyright and patent infringement
    •      ▪ Customs IP rights protection
    •      ▪ IP-related complaints during exhibitions
  •    ❖ IP Monitoring
    •      ▪ Infringement and product monitoring
    •      ▪ Monitoring and complaints concerning infringement on the Internet
    •      ▪ Customs monitoring of IP infringement
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  •    ❖ Copyright protection for data content in databases
  •    ❖ Copyright protection for data storage, retrieval and processing tools software
  •    ❖ Patent searches, mining and applications for technical solutions related to data processing
  •    ❖ Patent stability analysis and infringement risk assessment on patents related to data processing
  •    ❖ Free-to-Operate (FTO) searches and patent invalidation requests regarding patents relating to data processing
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  •    ❖ Providing legal consultation concerning performance market issues such as organization, hosting, publication, copyrights, management, etc.;
  •    ❖ Providing legal services concerning pre-production, negotiations and approvals in cooperative projects of TV stations;
  •    ❖ Providing legal consultation concerning the production and distribution of cultural and entertainment programs;
  •    ❖ Assisting clients in drafting distribution, marketing agent, assignment or licensing contracts and agreements and other legal instruments for film and TV works and cultural and entertainment products;
  •    ❖ Providing legal services concerning the drafting and review of performing arts contracts and agency contracts for participants within the culture and entertainment industry;
  •    ❖ Providing services for protection and remedy for the portrait rights, reputation rights and/or honor rights of participants in the culture and entertainment industry;
  •    ❖ Formulating protection plans for IP rights, such as copyrights and trademarks, within the culture and entertainment industry, and providing related enforcement services;
  •    ❖ Assisting film and TV production companies and artist agencies in completing necessary administrative review and approval formalities;
  •    ❖ Providing legal consulting services concerning industry matters such as investment, financing, operation and cooperation, drafting, review and negotiation of relevant legal documents;
  •    ❖ Providing legal consultation for taxation issues involved in routine operations and performance projects;
  •    ❖ Providing legal services concerning incorporation, M&A, reorganization and deregistration of companies within the industry.
  •    ❖ Assisting in the introduction of copyrights for overseas animations and games;
  •    ❖ Reviewing content compliance and assisting in completing administrative approval formalities;
  •    ❖ Providing services concerning IP protection and enforcement against unfair competition involved in the IP operations of animations and games;
  •    ❖ Drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements and other legal documents at various stages such as distribution of and investment in animations and games;
  •    ❖ Providing legal enforcement actions against the infringement of virtual property rights in animations and games.
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